A Glance Within Training

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It is possible that your cash is being spent to grow assets. If this isn’t the case, we suggest that you have an independent third party do a thorough check for embezzlement. We’ve seen thieves pull amazing stunts to make the books look right on the surface while they siphon cash out of the business. It is possible to have a profitable business and even have a positive cash flow, but not be getting a good return on investment, or ROI. You initially funded your enterprise with a $150,000 investment (we’re assuming that you didn’t put any other cash into your business). Let’s assume your annual profit is $1,500 and that this is also your cash flow. ROI is calculated as profit read divided by the investment. In this case the ROI would be 1% — not an impressive performance. At this rate, it would take 100 years to earn back your investment.

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